Regular sessions at the club include (but are not limited to) the following:


Wednesday mornings.

Thursday mornings: Pistols.

Thursday afternoons.

Friday mornings.

Saturday mornings: .22 rifles.

Saturday afternoons.

2nd and 4th Sundays of the month: ‘Short Range Sunday’ sessions: Email for more details.



We organise a number of friendly competitions taking place throughout the year. Some examples are:

– Western Event (revolvers and carbines).

– HFT (Hunter Field Target) Air Rifle.

– Revolver Shoot.

– Practical Shooting Competitions; Western and Modern.

Dates to Members via CNRPC email. Members from other Clubs very welcome, please contact us for more details.


Activities Admin

AGM 2018

This year the AGM will be held in the Chequers Pub, Goddards Lane, Chipping Norton, OX7 5NP. We have the use of an upstairs room at no cost to the Club. The date is Monday the 30th April 2018 starting at 7.30pm, having previously been delayed due to bad weather. We have the room from 6pm onwards to ensure other users don’t clash with our meeting. The pub provides food if you want it and the bar will be open of course.

Membership renewal of £50 will become due at the AGM for those (the minority) who have not already paid. To save time exact cash or cheques would be much appreciated.


Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting at Chipping Norton is primarily with .22 rifles up to 100 yards, the maximum for our range. However, many members of the club are also full-bore rifle enthusiasts and trips to Bisley are organised from time to time throughout the year. Black powder rifles may be used along with other black powder arms at 25 yards.

In addition, air rifle shooting is also popular, with HFT air rifle competitions organised on many Sundays.


chippy shooting ground 008 chippy shooting ground 004


Pistol Shooting

It is commonly believed that the 1997 acts completely outlawed handguns in the UK. Luckily for us that turns out not to be the case, and pistol shooting of various sorts can still carry on at Chipping Norton. Options include the following:

Muzzle-loading handguns include flintlock (or older mechanisms), percussion cap pistols and muzzle-loading revolvers. These latter are generally available in the traditional black powder form of the mid-19th century, ideal for those who have an interest in historic shooting, although there are some conversions which use modern smokeless powder for those who are less keen on the inevitable cleaning which follows a pistol session.


In addition, the UK law allows for the use of long-barrelled pistols, including semi-auto in .22LR and revolvers in larger calibres; these use modern cartridge ammunition but have extended barrels and non-removable counterweights which extend the length of the pistol such that it cannot be easily concealed. These handle well and can provide for enjoyable target shooting, but there are additional restrictions on their use (one cannot allow other club members to fire them, for example).