Range Usage

Currently the range is closed. We plan to re-open on the 23rd of May in line with Bisley, but will have to adhere to strict restrictions. Information is available in a downloadable document (which you may wish to print and take with you to the range).

General Rules

The following general rules must be followed at all times when using the range, in addition to all usual firearms safety precautions.

  1. The gates must be locked on the inside when shooting is taking place.
  2. The warning sign and chain must be deployed when shooting is taking place at the 100 yard point, even if the gate is locked.
  3. Both red flags must be flown, without exception. Members must ensure that at least one member of any shooting party is able to deploy the flag at the butts.
  4. All rounds must strike the butts. The best way to avoid this is to place targets in the butts; if they are placed forward of the butts then they must be arranged so that rounds do not strike the ground in front.

For those who would like to shoot at 25m under cover a shelter has been provided and can be found in the store. Please treat this with care when assembling and disassembling.


Although we like to operate a system where full members of the club are trusted to manage their own sessions, including designating an RO and admitting themselves to the range, it is important that the committee are aware of what sessions are taking place and when. Therefore, the secretary must be informed of any shooting activities.

Please use the booking form to reserve your session. Bookings will not be accepted by email or telephone.

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